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The Star Newspaper Kenya: Design a News Website Just Like www.TheStar.co.ke
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06-Nov-2011, 07:54 AM,
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The Star Newspaper Kenya: Design a News Website Just Like www.TheStar.co.ke
Kenya's the star Newspaper, formerly known as Nairobi Star is a recent entrant into the journalistic field in Kenya. Their website is growing in popularity because they post their news articles on it, and it has a print edition that directs people online.

Did you know? you can design a website exactly like the star with little effort trying to customize it. The star website earns money through Google's Adsense Program, where if you click any Google adverts in it, they earn money and are paid at the end of the month by Google adsense.

creating your own website like the star will make you own your little media house only at the cost of writing articles on popular news pieces, commentaries and opinion.

The star newspaper online edition is built on a popular CMS (Content Management System) called Joomla. If you have interest in cloning a news website exactly like www.thestar.co.ke, send me a message through the PM link below. I will give you the download link and the help you need-- including template customization, Modules you need to install and lots of tutorials so that you start posting your articles and earning from them.
06-Nov-2011, 08:03 AM,
Post: #2
RE: The Star Newspaper Kenya: Design a News Website Just Like www.TheStar.co.ke
@Bigdigits: Great post there
06-Nov-2011, 08:19 AM,
Post: #3
RE: The Star Newspaper Kenya: Seo Mistakes The Star Needs To Deal With Now
I have just mentioned that the star.co.ke makes money out of the news and opition articles they write on their website. It is however very apparent that the designers of the site (as it it now) have made some serious Search Engine optimization errors.

They only recently redirected their other domain name to the-star.co.ke. Up to that point and untill google removes those pages in its index, the star remained to have duplicate content, and they appeared to have been plagiarizing content from either to the other.

The other thing is that even now, there is still duplicate content because you can access the same content with or without www Google sees these as two different domain names.

Finally, webpage loading speed. The designers of the star would benefit alot more by optimizing their website to load faster. the current average is 4.3 seconds whereas competitors like Nation.co.ke loads at 2.9 seconds
29-Aug-2012, 02:57 PM,
Post: #4
RE: The Star Newspaper Kenya: Design a News Website Just Like www.TheStar.co.ke
Creating web designing is much important for the business. It can increase your visibility on search engine and also your brand service and the products will recognize by lots of visitors.

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