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Kenya Needs Peace
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14-Feb-2012, 11:04 AM,
Post: #1
Uhuru is the mirror image of oppressive regimes that characterised Kenya from 1963-2007.As a son of Kenyatta,he is a direct beneficiary of the dictatorial and corrupt regime of his father.He was a Moi project turned tragic in 2002.One needs not to say why Moi so badly wanted him to be his successor.The events of 2007 and the ICC indictment and revelation tells us why Kibaki is keen to see him crowned as president.

On the other hand,Raila is the image of the struggle for the second and third liberation struggles.It is true that Raila was not alone but his treatment by Moi and Kibaki is an indication that he was and still is the main threat to those who want the status quo to remain as it is.

Uhuru's wealth is also something to debate about.Whereas one cannot claim that it is ill gotten,it is doubtful if Uhuru could be who he is financially if he did not have State House connection.

The Odinga family despite all intimidation and harrassment by the powers that be,withstood it all and I believe if there is a Kenyan politician who can account for each and every of his shilling,it is Raila.

Uhuru has a case to answer at the ICC for his role in the 2007 bloodbooth.The man has appealed and he is ''innocent'' until proven guilty.But when Uhuru and his ilk were busy fighting to have the case heard in Kenya,the AU appointed Raila to mediate in the Ivorian crisis.Well,what a difference.Two would be presidential contendors,one wanted for among other evils MURDER,and another as a peace MEDIATOR.Who among the two should be Kenya's fourth President?
22-Apr-2012, 05:59 PM,
Post: #2
We don't want this stale group of politicians. Kenya wants new blood in the system. We want change
26-Jul-2012, 10:33 PM,
Post: #3
Politics of Kenya is getting dirtier day by day, it’s time to bring the change and that’s youth’s responsibility I guess.
26-Oct-2012, 04:02 PM,
Post: #4
(22-Apr-2012, 05:59 PM)Alvin N Mark Wrote: We don't want this stale group of politicians. Kenya wants new blood in the system. We want change

Hapo ni kweli ndio kwa sababu nina sema Peter Kenneth ndio yule msee
yeye tu ndio nimeona manifesto yake hawa wengine ni kama wanadai hiyo ni upuzi na hawaja shughulika

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