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Opinion Polls- Latest Ipsos Synovate and Infotrack 2013
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21-Jan-2013, 09:39 PM,
Post: #1
Opinion Polls- Latest Ipsos Synovate and Infotrack 2013
Uhuru Kenyatta has already overtaken Raila Odinga in the opinion polls according to Ipsos Synovate on date 22nd Feb 2013.
Uhuru Kenyatta: 44.8%
Raila Odinga: 44.4%
Musalia Mudavadi: 5.2%
Peter Kenneth: 1.6%
Political Alliances popularity according to the latest opinion poll by Sinovate.

Jubilee: 45%
CORD: 44%
==========earlier poll======
On Monday, 18th Feb 2013, Ipsos Synovate, Strategic Research and Infotrack released another opinion poll, which was sponsored by Citizen TV Date of opinion poll release:18th February 2013.
Elections Date: 4th March 2013
Opinion Poll Results.

Strategic Research Opinion Poll Company
Raila: 44%
Uhuru: 43%

InfoTrack (Research Company)
Raila Odinga: 46%
Uhuru Kenyatta: 44%

Ipsos Synovate
Raila Opinion poll: 44%
Uhuruto: 44%

Other Presidential aspirants range from 0% to 6%, with a remarkably little indecision of 2%
On Monday, 29th Jan 2013, Ipsos Synovate and Infotrack released another opinion poll, which was sponsored by Citizen TV. Citizen TV's Monday special at 9 pm devoted a lot of their time to the results.

The Infotrack results this time gave Raila 46% and Uhuru 40%. On the other hand, Ipsos Synovate gave Raila 45% while Uhuru had 41%.

CORD team responded to the opinion through Ababu Namwamba while Jubilee responded through Kabando wa Kabando. Kabando maintained that the polls were biased, seeing that one pollster, Infotrack, continuously placed CORD ahead of Jubilee even in areas where Ipsos Synovate placed Jubilee ahead.

Ipsos Synovate and Infotrack have pulled out their opinion poll giving Raila 40% and Uhuru Kenyatta 36%

Infotrack gave Raila 48% while Uhuru barely got 40%

Both pollsters gave Musalia 5% and Peter Kenneth 3%

TNA has disputed the results of the poll opinions through Mukurew-ini MP aspirant Kabando wa Kabando. He says that the difference between the findings between Ipsos and Infotrack is just too wide. In some instances, the difference goes to Infotrack rating CORD 13% far higher than Jubilee compared to Ipsos Synovate.

The same opinion was echoed by Amani Coalition's Jeremiah Kioni. Kioni says that people should not be given wrong opinion polls. As he says, CORD may be warmed up to a win through the polls setting them up to reject the final elections. This is similar to what happened in 2007.

On the other hand, Paul Otuoma supported the opinion poll, saying that the opinion polls should not be ignored.

Lawyer Betty Murungi also thinks that the polls were "cooked" because one of the pollster (Infotrack) consistently placed Raila Above Uhuru when compared with the other (Synovate)

This whole fiasco means one thing: Cord strongly believe in the poll whereas Non-cord members are set to reject the elections if they polls.
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