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KTN Jicho Pevu: Saitoti's Death Probe Leaves Questions
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07-Apr-2013, 08:54 PM,
Post: #1
KTN Jicho Pevu: Saitoti's Death Probe Leaves Questions
Mohammed Ali and his Jicho pevu have continued to do their investigative journalism. according to the show running currently on KTN, Mohammed Ali has continued tio reveal his findings, expressing fears that NSIS, led by Michael Gichangi may have contributed widely to a failed probe. some of the things he attributes to them and the Chief doctor who carried out the post mortem. Dr Oduor. During the probe, it had been insinuated by the family-hired Dr Robert Gabriel Ngute from South Africa, that Saitoti may have died before the crash (was assassinated)

Quote:---Daily Nation---Forensic pictures that may shed light on the helicopter crash that killed former Internal Security Minister George Saitoti and five others are missing, investigators heard on Wednesday.

Body tissue dissection photographs taken at postmortem would help ascertain if the victims inhaled a poisonous gas before the chopper crashed, a witness said.

“I am not sure whether the pictures were taken or not, but I did not see them,” Dr Emily Rogena, a forensic pathologist said, adding that the photos were crucial in piecing up evidence and drawing a conclusive cause of death report.

An assisting counsel, Mr James Warui while leading the witness in her evidence, also confirmed the forensic photographs were never forwarded to the commission of inquiry.

Dr Rogena drew a contrast with the procedures she conducted on the victims of the Kenya Airways crash in Douala, Cameroon, where body tissue samples of all victims and accompanying photographs were analysed before compiling death reports.

“A forensic case requires utmost care, and most of the evidence is obtained at dissection. “I needed to see the photographs to comment on the presence of the cherry pink discoloration other pathologists alluded to,” she said.

She also revisited the possibility that one of the pilots in the aircraft may have inhaled lethal proportions of carbon monoxide.

“About 50 per cent concentration is fatal enough. One would generally not survive with the amount reported in the toxicological report. You need to be alive in that environment to inhale that extent of fumes,” she said.

Scientific perimeters

She explained that the toxicological report indicating 68.8 per cent concentration in Captain Luke Oyugi’s blood should also have been validated against other scientific parameters including blood sampling from all the victims of the crash to rule out the possibility of in flight inhalation of a poisonous gas.

She had been called to give expert opinion on the autopsy reports presented at the commission and issue an overview on the possible cause of death of the victims.
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